Formatting for Book Reviews should comply with the following:

Title: Title of the book reviewed in bold capitals and centred.

Author: On a new line, also centred, insert “By Author” and if the book is an edited collection, follow the author by “(Editor)”.

Publisher: On a new line, also centred, insert place of publication, followed by a colon, followed by the name of the publisher, followed by a comma, followed by the year of publication, then a stop. If relevant, the series and its number in the series followed by a stop.

Details: Following the publisher information, identify the number of pages and whether the book includes an index noted as “(incl index)”, then a stop, then the ISBN of the book, followed by a stop, then the price (in GBP when possible, but other currencies are accepted), followed by a stop.

Reviewer: The name of the reviewer will appear at the foot of the review together with his or her position and place of employment.

Samples: An example of formatted detail for a Book Review is:


By Aurora Plomer,
London: Cavendish Publishing, 2005. 158 pp. ISBN 1-85941-687-X. £50.00.

Deadline: We expect reviews at the latest three months after the book has been shipped.

Word limit: Book reviews ​should be between 1000 and 2000 words.

Footnotes: The maximum number of references (if any) should be 5. References should follow the SCRIPTed format for other manuscript types (see Author Guidelines).