SCRIPTed covers a broad range of topics relating to law and technologies. Subject matter can be international or domestically oriented, and comparative approaches are encouraged. Some specific issues/areas technologies are their interaction with and impact on:

  1. intellectual property (copyright, patents, registered and unregistered marks and designs, brands, personality, licensing, etc.);
  2. commercialisation (economics, competition, e-commerce, m-commerce, internet finance, online dispute resolution, etc.);
  3. human rights (free expression, privacy, data protection, computer misuse, etc.);
  4. medicine (reproductive technologies, health related biotechnologies and public health, access to medicines, bioethics, etc.);
  5. genomics (traditional knowledge, genetic resources and diversity, etc.); and
  6. digital technology and software (artificial intelligence, telecommunications, cyberspace, networked environments, digital Copyright, proprietary Software, free software, copyleft, open source and other licensing schemes, etc.)

Copyright policy

SCRIPTed is an open access journal built on the principles of sharing academic works for the benefit of the wider community. As such, authors retain the copyright to their submission and submissions can be published by SCRIPTed in two ways:

  • the author releases the work under a Creative Commons licence, which allows users to reuse, copy, publish, perform or communicate the work, provided certain conditions are met (see; or
  • the author grants SCRIPTed the non-exclusive right to publish the work online and reserve all his/her rights.

The default option for publication, unless the author states otherwise, is to release the work under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives Creative Commons Licence.