SCRIPTed covers a broad range of topics relating to law and technologies. Subject matter can be international or domestically oriented, and comparative approaches are encouraged. Some specific issues/areas technologies are their interaction with and impact on:

  1. Intellectual property (copyright, patents, registered and unregistered marks and designs, brands, personality, licensing, etc.);
  2. Commercialisation (economics, competition, e-commerce, m-commerce, internet finance, online dispute resolution, etc.);
  3. Human rights (free expression, privacy, data protection, computer misuse, etc.);
  4. Medicine (reproductive technologies, health related biotechnologies and public health, access to medicines, bioethics, etc.);
  5. Genomics (traditional knowledge, genetic resources and diversity, etc.); and
  6. Digital technology and software (artificial intelligence, telecommunications, cyberspace, networked environments, digital copyright, proprietary software, free software, copyleft, open source and other licensing schemes, etc.