Note: unless stated otherwise, all editors are affiliated with the University of Edinburgh School of Law.


Editor-in-Chief: Edward Dove (@EdwardSDove)
Managing Editor: Jiahong Chen (@jiahong_chen)

Technical editor

Laurence Diver (@laurence_diver)

Book Review editor

Edward Dove

Medical law

Supervising Editor: Gerard Porter

David Murphy
Annie Sorbie

IT law

Supervising Editor: Nicolas Jondet

Kaan Adkere
Israel Cedillo Lazcano
Laurence Diver
Wenlong Li
Jesus Niebla Zatarain
Penny Wright

IP Law

Supervising editor: Smita Kheria

Israel Cedillo Lazcano
David Murphy
Leo Starrs-Cunningham
Penny Wright

Advisory Editors:
Kim Barker
Dinusha Mendis


Matthew Jewell
David Murphy

Consulting Editors

Prof. Graeme Laurie, Prof. Lilian Edwards (University of Strathclyde), Andres Guadamuz (University of Sussex), Prof. Burkhard Schafer
SCRIPTed’s Consulting Editors offer valuable advice in the overall and day-to-day operation of the journal, but also on the promotion of the journal and the solicitation of submissions.
Past Holders: Dr. Rachael Craufurd-Smith

Advisory Board

SCRIPTed’s Editorial Board is assisted by an Advisory Board of internationally-renowned experts drawn from the disciplines of intellectual property, information technology, medical law, artificial intelligence, communications law and E-commerce.