Note: unless stated otherwise, all editors are affiliated with the University of Edinburgh School of Law.



Ayca Atabey •

Managing editors

Robbie Scarff •
Simal Efsane Erdogan (King’s College London) •

Technical editor

Laurence Diver (Law, Science, Technology & Society (LSTS), Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Book Review editors

Ayca Atabey •
Robbie Scarff •
Simal Efsane Erdogan •

IP Law

Supervising editor: Smita Kheria


Zefan Zhu •
Benjamin Daley •
David Murphy •

Advisory Editors

Kim Barker
Dinusha Mendis

IT law

Supervising Editor: Burkhard Schafer


Caragh Aylett-Bullock •
Benjamin Daley •
Niclas Johann •
Bianca Filipoiu •

Medical law

Supervising Editor: Gerard Porter


Zahra Haji Jaffer •
Maili Raven-Adams •
Patrick Carty •
Lynn Kennedy •
David Murphy •


Lynn Kennedy •

Consulting Editors

Prof. Graeme Laurie, Prof. Lilian Edwards (University of Newcastle), Andres Guadamuz (University of Sussex), Prof. Burkhard Schafer
SCRIPTed’s Consulting Editors offer valuable advice in the overall and day-to-day operation of the journal, but also on the promotion of the journal and the solicitation of submissions.
Past Holders: Dr. Rachael Craufurd-Smith

Advisory Board

SCRIPTed’s Editorial Board is assisted by an Advisory Board of internationally-renowned experts drawn from the disciplines of intellectual property, information technology, medical law, artificial intelligence, communications law and E-commerce.