(2005) 2:4 SCRIPTed 415–548

Issue DOI: 10.2966/scrip.020405

Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2005

Welcome to the last issue of 2005. This is the list of contents:


Special Feature

Peer-reviewed articles

  •  Socially responsible intellectual property: a solution?
    Abbe E. L. Brown, pp.485-513
    This article reviews the extent to which the present global IP system contains an inherent imbalance between the rights of IP owning corporations and IP users, and the public benefit. It also studies the potential relevance of human rights in redressing any imbalance within existing institutional and legal fora. The article focuses on the relevance of corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) related concepts, particularly in conjunction with legal human rights based arguments, to redress any imbalance by tempering the global conduct of IP owning corporations; how this new approach could be enforced, if at all, and the resulting lessons for IP and its future.
  • Of Otakus and Fansubs: A Critical Look at Anime Online in Light of Current Issues in Copyright Law (Appendix)
    Jordan S. Hatcher, pp.514-542
    The advent of digital technology and increased global connectivity has, to put it mildly, caused some ripples for the entertainment industry specifically and copyright law generally. In the aftermath, many are searching for new ways to incorporate the benefits of digital copies and the internet while minimizing the harms. To some, the anime industry and its fans offer examples of how an industry can benefit and even grow from allowing copyright infringement. This article examines the anime industry in-depth with this suggestion in mind and places the industry among current copyright policy debates, such as those suggested by Lawrence Lessig.

Book Reviews